Alexandra Kosteniuk on Russian TV

Kosteniuk part of the ceremony of the Russian Music Oscars

The Women World Chess Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk started the year 2010 on Russian TV. She was invited by the yearly Russian Music Oscars “Zolotoi Grammofon”, where she handed the award to the singer Stas Pekha. This is a consecutive social and media event for Kosteniuk, after her appearance in Vogue in the end of last year.

The event took place in the Moscow Kremlin Music Theater, with multiple VIP guests in the audience. On the video below, Kosteniuk appears between minutes 3 and 4. For the non-Russian speakers, Kosteniuk was introduced as the women’s world chess champion, a combination of beauty and intelligence. The host asks what a man should do to attract a beautiful lady chess player, to which she replies “I know for sure what a man should not do, and that’s not beat me at chess”. Stas Pekha was fast to reply, “I will lose to you”.

More information: official website of Alexandra Kosteniuk

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