Commonwealth and South African Open Chess Championships

Round 6 video by Vijay Kumar

Grandmaster Jones Gawain played a technically perfect game to beat his opponent van der Nat Nicholas and became the sole leader of the 2011 Commonwealth & South African Open Chess Championships with a perfect score of 6/6.

India’s Wiz Kid IM Grover Sahaj, who failed to understand top seed GM Nigel Short’s opening variation continued to play his normal game and in the end forced Short to offer a draw which he gladly accepted. 2nd seed GM Abhijeet Gupta had no problem beating CM Oatlhotse Providence and with 5.5 points he is just behind the championship leader.

GM Rajaram Laxman, IM Pratmesh Mokal, Eesha Karwade, Tania Sachdev and WGM S Meenakshi also won their games. GM David Smerdon, who lost in the fifth round came back in the running when he beat his opponent Takawira Eric. South Africa’s main bet IM Watu Kobese, who lost against GM Nigel Short, won his sixth round game and is now on 5 points.

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