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Bazna, AAI, Commonwealth, Leon, and new additions to the opening and strategy libraries

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The months of May and June resulted to be one of the most interesting periods in chess in the past months. Over 400 games have been played by grandmasters above 2700 ELO, several Super Opens took place, and a few strong closed tournaments were organized relying on the new young talents in chess.

The Insight on Bazna / 3h free GM analysis on the Candidates / Young talents closed tournaments videos and interviews / And more videos!

Today is videos day on and we present you 24 hours of special video coverage of the last months. It includes interviews with the AAI, Leon, and Commonwealth players by the renowned video producer Vijay Kumar, key moments analysis of the Candidates matches, Bazna Kings tournament, and Sigeman by GM Henrik Danielsen, and an update in the openings and strategy library.

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