The Insight on Bazna Kings 2011

The key encounters of the Grand Slam event

Karjakin shrt

Carlsen, Nakamura, Karjakin, Ivanchuk, Radjabov, and Nisipeanu went on to decide the qualifier for the Grand Slam Final 2011 which will take place this year in Bilbao and Sao Paulo. The key encounters of the Bazna Kings are in The Insight chess show at the following links.

Bazna Chess 2011

Carlsen – Nakamura

Ivanchuk – Carlsen

Nakamura – Nisipeanu

Carlsen – Radjabov

Karjakin – Carlsen

Nakamura – Ivanchuk

Ivanchuk – Karjakin

Carlsen – Nisipeanu

Karjakin – Nisipeanu

Nakamura – Carlsen

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