AAI Grandmaster Video Round Three

By the renowned video produced Vijay Kumar

Top seeded Fabiano Caruana of Italy maintained his winning streak with a third successive win, this one over women’s World champion, Hou Yifan of China, while Parimarjan Negi drew with Filipino Wesley So.

India’s Krishnan Sasikiran grinded it out for 72 moves before registering his first win over Viktor Laznicka of the Czech Republic in the third round of the inaugural AAI Grandmasters Chess Championships at the AAI Officer’s Institute on Friday. Enjoy the video bellow.

Mtel Masters Round 3

Report and video

Mamedyarov – Topalov started with a quiet branch of the Semi-Slav opening. Topalov left his King on the vulnerable f8 square in exchange for faster pieces’ development. Mamedyarov, who possess fantastic attacking instinct, quickly lifted his Rooks and sacrificed a pawn for the attacking position with opposite-colored Bishops. Playing only with Queen and Bishop, without the Rooks, Topalov found himself in a problematic situation. White’s heavy pieces proved to be too strong for the lonely Black King and Topalov resigned on move 30.

At the press conference after the game, Topalov explained that he’s been working on this opening, but he didn’t prepare this exact line. “I played a couple of weak moves, starting from the opening” he said, particularly marking the 10…e5 (see the video bellow), and added “There was no chance to win the game”.

Adams – Nisipeanu started with Tarasch line in the French defence. Adams already has many nice wins achieved after the sharp 3…c5, and it was very interesting to see what’s Nisipeanu hiding up in his sleeve. Both players spent a considerable amount of time on the 12th move, when Black invited his opponent to sacrifice a piece on e6.

After a couple of forced moves, Adams has a good chance to create a winning attack. Still, Black’s defending resources could not be underestimated. However, in the play “on one goal”, Adams had the luxury of taking his time to build up the final attack. Maybe he missed a couple of shortcut moves, but knowing his technique, the final outcome seemed very likely. The curtains have closed after the fine zugzang image.

The press conference revealed that Adams knew about sacrifice possibility. He said that he has played this line before. Nisipeanu confirmed that he was confused with the position that arose, and said “After the sacrifice I was probably lost”.

Kamsky and Sasikiran were slowly maneuvering in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted hoping to achieve a favorable endgame after the Queens are gone. Kamsky played nervously and could not hold Sasikiran’s advance.

Sasikiran got the decisive advantage in the time trouble (upper video). After the 42nd move, Kamsky forgot to press the clock and his time was running for about 10 minutes. He resigned few minutes later (video bellow). There was no post-mortem and the press conference saw Kamsky very angry – we guess he wasn’t happy with the “clock incident”.

GM Lev Psakhis, second of Krishnan Sasikiran, commented the game for ChessDom:

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